What Businesses Are Thriving by Using Corporate Clothing?

We have all seen them. They are on the internet, splashed across the front page of the newspaper, and on every television channel. They are big companies who have made a name for themselves in ways largely unparalleled by others.

But how did they do this?

Yes, a great plan, solid marketing, and plenty of hard work had a lot to do with it. However, there is one thing all of these companies also have in common, and it is not their ad campaigns. They all dress for success and use corporate clothing to their advantage.

Corporate Clothing and Big Name Companies

It may be surprising to think that the same kind of clothing your small company uses has affected such big name corporations in such a strong way, but consider this: Would any of these businesses be taken quite as seriously if their top executives walked into a meeting wearing outdated or ill-fitting attire? The truth is, impressions are a key to success. If clients and customers "see" your company as successful, they are more likely to develop trust. It's part of business psychology and it works.

Here are a few top companies that are known for looking great in their corporate wear.

  • IBM - This company, which was named the twelfth most admired company by Fortune magazine is a top technology and consulting firm, located in New York. Along with computer hardware and software, IBM sells class. Its employees, which since the 1990s have only been required to dress in business casual attire, still put on a suit and tie almost every time they step into a meeting with a client. Why? Because they dress for success, and they know that their clients want to work with professional individuals who are able to represent the IBM name in the best light.

  • Morgan Stanley - This well-known financial services firm is located in New York City. For most of its paid employees, corporate clothing is a must. Many of their employees work face to face with customers every single day, and without the appropriate attire, those clients might not feel as if they could trust the company with their hard earned cash.

  • Fannie Mae - The Federal National Mortgage Foundation, also known as Fannie Mae, changed its dress policies at the same time as IBM. While it only requires business casual dress from its employees now, the reality of the professional image encourages many executives and mainstream employees to dress in better business attire. This company's reputation goes a long way, but for clients who need help finding a way to obtain a home of their own, the sophisticated appearance of an employee can mean a lot. It can show a client the employee knows exactly what he or she is doing.

  • JP Morgan - A leading financial service firm with a global reach, this company requires their employees who work with clients daily to wear formal business attire. These employees must appear to be professional and able to handle their client's financial matters. This image, along with other successes, has made this company one of the most trusted names in the financial world.

The best big name companies know how to use corporate clothing to their advantage. The next time you are tempted to wear your chinos and a dress shirt to a business meeting, keep that in mind.

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