Manitoba has great lakes. Not the Great Lakes - that's the next province over. However, we have lots and lots of lakes. And while I hate being away two weekends in a row (especially when it'll be three weekends in a row before I know it), I've been able to visit three lakes without really embarking on any major road trip.

Two weekends ago, we went to my in-laws cabin to celebrate our first anniversary (and yes, we had the cabin to ourselves. It's amazing how many people thought we planned to spend the entire weekend with chaperones. All family was restricted to pit stops at the beginning and end of the weekend... and the family gathering smack dab in the middle of it. Come on, we invite family to the wedding, why not let them join us in our anniversary celebration!). The cabin is at Thomas lake, which is one of the less developed "cabin country" lakes in Western Manitoba.

While the nearest store is about 15 minutes away, on gravel roads and broken highways, it's wonderfully located about 35 minutes from Wasagaming, on Clear Lake, one of the prettiest lakes in the prairies. It's also a nice tourist town, which allowed us to go for a romantic noisy and warm dinner, before a much needed walk.

And this last weekend, some friends invited us out to their grandparents' cabin at Victoria Beach, a super cute "no cars allowed" cottage settlement on Lake Winnipeg, the biggest lake on the prairies.
These are just a small sampling of the pictures from the weekends, but there is something amazing about being out at a cabin. It doesn't matter how busy it feels to rush home from work only to load up a car and drive for hours, the minute you see the lake, all the harried pace of the day melts away. We weren't even home for 3 hours before I started planning our next lake adventure.


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