A Week in Pictures - April 14 - 20

New week - new job! While there is still a lot to learn, I really feel like I just slid into the position with ease... it fits perfectly! The best part is that I feel all the excitement of being back in university - not just because I do work on campus, but also because I see so many opportunities from here. I switched my major almost daily in my first couple years of university, and in my first couple days of work, I've already switched my career path half a dozen times. One day, I want to become the registrar... the next, an adviser... the next, the study skills coordinator. And the best part is that there is no reason why I can't do all of that... and without sacrificing pension, benefits or vacation entitlements.

Anyway, onto the picture portion of the post - you know, the point of it

 Getting to Work
While the Canadian Museum for Human Rights construction was stalled for the longest time, they seem to have made progress since the last time I took the bus regularly.
Every time I go by the VIA rail station, I start dreaming of how to spend my vacations - so nice to have a job that offers them!!

At work
I found this in my desk, and became completely enamoured with it. It's perfect for holding my phone messages (and I get a lot)

Coming Home
Sure, laundry is still boring as ever, but being in a great mood makes it easier to find the beauty in it... like great colour combinations in the camisoles hanging to dry!


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