How to: Dress for an interview

After a decade in post-secondary studies, April has always been a time of transition, whether it was from one degree to the next, or from class into a summer job. And finally, like so many others, I am finally leaving my student status behind - and starting a *paid* career in post-secondary schooling. Since I've had a number of interviews over the last few months, I thought I would compile a basic: "How to get a job - without losing your style"

Professional / Corporate Interview - Traditional Suit
I'm all about climbing the corporate ladder, so I have 3 or 4 suits. Lately, my black pinstripe one has been my favourite. Red with black seems to be classic power colours, but adding a brooch, or a scarf can help make you feel a little more "you".

Professional Interview / Corporate- Separates
If you can't afford a suit, don't despair. There are many ways you can pull separates together. The key is to stick with a colour palate with one pop of colour. I also strongly suggest including one vest, blazer or item in tweed.

Semi-professional, creative, or second interview

I still advocate using structure, but you can certainly show more personality in these situations. While you do have more freedom with colour, don't go overboard. Keep "odd" colour combinations (like the wine and the orange) separated by a neutral.

While I've arranged the pictures from most to least formal, remember its always best to be over dressed than under dressed. If in doubt, go for the suit with a nice blouse under it - if you show up and feel really overdressed, you can always remove the jacket.


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