My own little pizza heaven

I've been trying to read and engage more with the Winnipeg blogging scene. So far, I've been lurking, not being bold enough to introduce myself to people I might actually physically run into one day, and researching, not having the money to check out all the latest and greatest stores, events and restaurants they mention.

However, when I read Kyla Roma's description of "the best pizza in the prairies" I had to give it a try.

Last Friday, Scott and I had reason to celebrate. We are still fully in "we have absolutely not money" mode, so we knew our favourite ways to celebrate - champagne, or a nicer dinner out - were not in our financial future. Instead, we got off our bus ride home in Osborne Village and checked out A Little Pizza Heaven.We could afford 2 slices of pizza, right?

Not only could we afford it - 2 slices and a drink (I never finish mine so I often split with Scott when we go out) came to just over $6. While the slices weren't as big as, say, a mall food court pizza slice, they definitely surpass that in terms of quality. The crust is so often just the "food delivery medium," but A Little Pizza Heaven uses a buttered garlic dough that makes you actually look forward to eating the crust - and I never eat the crust!

Even the staff was pretty awesome. While we were finishing up our slices, and admiring the "art work" on the wall (I wanted so bad to ask for markers and add my own drawing!!), a girl came in looking for a slice of pizza. Either she was vegan or lactose-intolerant, she needed a slice without cheese, an option not readily available. While the obvious option was to make her buy a small pizza to fit within her dietary needs, but coming in at a higher price than the slice she came in for, they offered to make a full pizza to her liking so she could buy her one slice. Considering it was a cloudy, slow day on Osborne, and few people are likely to venture into a pizza place looking for a cheeseless pizza, it may not have made the most financial sense, but their attention to their customers ensures that she (and we!) will be back in the future. And maybe, once we're a little richer, we'll can get a full pizza to check out their specialty pizza options!

I don't often review a business or a product without getting some kind of kick back myself (I'm a capitalist at heart). The exception is when I am truly blown away by something. I even took the unprecedented step of dropping my blog business card and a note on the counter on my way out, letting them know how much I enjoyed the food. A Little Pizza Heaven could easily compete for the best pizza in the city, but combined with price and customer service, I think it's a slice ahead of their competition!

A Little Pizza Heaven - 120 Osborne St. Winnipeg


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